into the COLD…

It’s said to be the coldest winter in Switzerland in the last 30 years. So here I am, being brave and exploring the freezing winter wonderland.

The picture was taken on January 7th, without being able to know that for the following 20 days there would be absolutely no sun, but heavy fog where you couldn’t see anything over a few hundred meters, sometimes even over 50 meters. In German language, they call it “Suppe”, meaning soup.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that my hometown Shanghai was still undergoing the heavy haze. I imagined people living also in a pot of soup. A huge pot.

I am waiting for the spring, patiently. I’ve never been so patient in my life – I’ve finally accepted the pace in Europe, a different pace from a Shanghai one. When everyday looking out of the window, only seeing white snow and grey sky, I have to picture myself in a pair of colourful high heels. The heels gotta to be so thin and high, that are called stiletto. They should make a kinda sexy squeaky sound when they hit the ground with weight – my weight, to announce my arrival and the arrival of spring. Flowers should blossom along the way, in a fast motion. Yes, exactly like in an animation movie.

When it turns dark around 4pm, I turn on all the lights in the house, pretending the sun shines. And those orchids residing on the marble floor of our indoor winter garden are trying their best to show us the colour of the alternative of winter – it’s the colour of hope.

Thus, I am waiting, for the spring.

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