Spring indeed visited us…


We spent 3 weeks in (rainy) Shanghai and 1 week throughout equally cold (but dry) Germany. So a whole February was put away. When we returned home in Salenstein, Switzerland in early March, surprisingly, we saw the digital thermometer show 30 degrees Celsius in the sunny Wintergarten (“winter garden” in English) in our house.

Therefore, we knew, the spring had arrived.

Inside and outside of our two gardens (indoor garden and outdoor garden) every plant had its green sprouts. It looked so promising that I needed to immediately engage myself in assisting this process. That means, gardening.

I never thought one day, someone like me––a big Shanghai city girl––should do gardening herself! I indeed thought, one day, I would live in a big house with a big garden, having one or two professional (and sexy) gardeners do it for me. LOL! Thus, I know, I’m not rich enough yet living in a labour-wise very expensive country. There are mainly two types of people living in Switzerland based on my very shallow observations––locals, who DIY everything; foreign billionaires, who can afford to have local labours do everything for them. My hubby and I don’t belong to either of them, and it’s apparently easier to learn from the first type.

So the spring came and lingered for a while––approximately one month––and left today, leaving us with furious snowstorm and minus zero degree in the evening.

We are not defeated, nor frightened. We live in Switzerland, thus must think and act like the Swiss locals. Our house is next to the old residence of Napoleon III and on a small street called Weinbergstrasse, which literally means wine hill street in English. If there wasn’t enough sunshine during the year, how could the locals plant so many vines and produce wines? And why would Napoleon III’s mama (Hortense de Beauharnais) choose this place to reside? So here we are, putting on ready-to-wear winter clothes, all relaxed, indulgently drinking our own homemade hot chocolate and watching the snowflakes painting our outdoor garden into white, humming “What A Wonderful World”.

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