so far the best party in Switzerland


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Russian Summer Night party at Gustav Restaurant in Zurich. So far this has been the best party I’ve been to in Switzerland. I guess, it is because it was not organised by Swiss people and most attendees were not Swiss. :-p

Most women were dressed up and wearing high heels. Many of them were even carrying a Chanel handbag. The DJ used his music selection to make the party alive. Some guests just started to move their bodies. That was rare (usually, and somehow still surprisingly) at a party in Switzerland. One of the explanations is Swiss people are too shy, even at a party.

The food was tasty and healthy and met its expectations. The whole concept itself of the party was quite interesting already – Russian artists and their artworks, Russian flying dinner and wine, Russian National Holiday celebration and yet all of them were happening in Zurich. That is why part of the program was to visit the Gustav serviced apartments locating above the restaurant and just a stone’s throw away from the central railway station. We could therefore indulge ourselves on the rooftop terrace enjoying the sunset. That was a very beautiful Monday evening.

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