The Show Must Go On

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I skipped the spring after celebrating my birthday with 40 guests at home in Switzerland. I went directly to Shanghai. When I came back it was already summer. I thought I successfully brought a bit sense of elegance and style into this rural place. I thought the village people would feel excited or might even appreciate the new influence. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps for them it was more like an invasion.

I skipped the summer from writing. The heat blocked my mind. Perhaps I didn’t want to see the reality with my own eyes. I chose to continue imagining I’m a fairy from a wonderland and unluckily got lost.

The one and only time when I felt my heart beat faster and stronger in a very long time was when I watched  the opera “Carmen” a couple of weeks ago in Bregenz, Austria. The performance plus the stage effects were marvellous. It started with drizzle, later it was raining more and more heavily. We were all soaked in the rain. I was mesmerised by the show. ‘Cause I knew, “The show must go on.”

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