The Other Dimension

Imagine, you lose your family and friends overnight; you move into a new country where you have to start from scratch, including learning a new language; then the pandemic happens and you are isolated for a whole year.

You reach out to others, mainly to your old friends in your hometown, and they tell you: Look at what you have, not what you don’t have; Be grateful.

I ask myself: Are we living in the same dimension?

I can’t blame those who don’t seem to have any empathy nor understanding as they are not capable of imaging a life they have never had.

Focus on self-love. Some others say.

Well. Haven’t I been practicing this all year long? I work, I work out, I read, I write, I take selfies, I travel within Switzerland (under the restrictions), I listen to music, I learn THE new language, I talk to a therapist, I even tried online dating and reached a full-stop in frustration. Days streched into weeks, weeks into months, months rounded up to a year. I have never focused on “I” so much!

“I”, in Chinese language has the same pronunciation as “ai”, meaning love. I have never focused on self-love so much!

I have all the photos as proof….

Easter in Hotel Vitznauerhof, Switerland (above) & Easter brunch at home in Lausanne (below)

Going all the way to the icy cold Rigi Klum – from spring to winter, then back to spring.

Back in Lausanne, workout again…

Can I tell you the truth? I don’t like this dimension of the world. Isn’t it sad that you have no one else to love, but yourself?

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