1001(lonely) Nights in Lausanne

I have stories to tell.

Stories about how a single fairy woman falls from the sky, how she struggles alone in a foreign land, how she gets lost in translation, how she tries to get acquainted with people around her and make friends, how she gets disappointed in human nature, how she gets burned and then rises from the ashes, eventually, how she finds faith again and then love, perhaps.

Where should I begin…

Chapter One: Falling from the Sky

As far as I can remember, she used to be a fairy. She was living up there in the hill, in a nice big house made of glass, facing the enormous ocean-like lake, surrounded by swans, sheep, foxes, trees and five castles. She was often in fabulous dresses and matching high-heels, then changing into flats, in order to drive different cars depending on her mood, or walking two agile hunting dogs in the forest or by the lake, just like Artemis.

When she was hungry, she would quietly appear at a table in a restaurant. The gourmet food and cordial service would put a big smile on her face. When she was tired, she would lay down her slim and graceful body under the sun rays in the winter garden to be recharged. When she was feeling creative, she would practice a song on the grand piano standing in the corner of the spacious living room. The colourful crystal light hanging above was her loyal audience. When the season was changing, she would decorate the house accordingly and throw a themed party, inviting people from near and afar. The house was then filled up with laughter.

But, was she really happy? She realized that she was no longer appreciated being a fairy. She had to make a change. 

One day, it all changed. There was no furious storm or joyful rainbow. She initiated the change first with her identity. 

“Warum musst Du eine Karriere machen?“ With this sentence echoing in her head, she found herself alone in a strange crowd. 

It was not the career she had to make. It was her lost dignity and the love she deserved. 

Every change has a cost.

Changing into a 58-square-meter one-bedroom one-living room unit in an old apartment building which lacked proper maintenance was like a fall from the sky to the earth. Not to mention the dungeon-looking cellar for storage, to which she never received the right key . So she remained staying above the ground. “Tout va bien.” She kept telling herself.

“Bonjour, madame!” was the most common greeting from strangers in her everyday life. How delightful. She kept reminding herself. 

Once, two African women on the street even said to her with widely opened eyes and a joyous voice, “Totale belle!” As if they recognized her as a fairy from a wonderland. 

She was encouraged to give this place a try.

But very soon, something else was going to quietly invade her newly restored peaceful world. A new battle was about to begin.

To be continued…

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