a train is running into spring

On a rare sunny day in late March, about one month after celebrating my birthday, I captured the spring moment in the neighbourhood. That was a local train running through part of the canton Thurgau. Every thirty minutes a train usually runs into this direction – to the right; correspondingly another one runs to the […]

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Spring indeed visited us…

We spent 3 weeks in (rainy) Shanghai and 1 week throughout equally cold (but dry) Germany. So a whole February was put away. When we returned home in Salenstein, Switzerland in early March, surprisingly, we saw the digital thermometer show 30 degrees Celsius in the sunny Wintergarten (“winter garden” in English) in our house. Therefore, […]

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into the COLD…

It’s said to be the coldest winter in Switzerland in the last 30 years. So here I am, being brave and exploring the freezing winter wonderland. The picture was taken on January 7th, without being able to know that for the following 20 days there would be absolutely no sun, but heavy fog where you […]

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