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dream-like family life in Germany

Waking in the morning to the bedroom door cracking open sound, followed by a few quick steps, hearing a little cute sweet voice saying “Tante Hester, xia lou chi fan”, German, English mixed with Chinese mandarin, I opened my eyes to see the everyday wonder in this 4-storey 5-decade old house. My godson Jonas, one […]

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unique Prague

So, I spent a whole week in Prague, walking, visiting, savouring. There are already so many beautiful (even highly photoshopped) photos of Prague on the internet. I wasn’t that skilled at taking photos and would only like to share some photos of the objects that I personally got very attracted to. First of all, I […]

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colourful and lively Portugal

The trip to Portugal was memorable. Perhaps I have lived in the tiny peaceful village in Switzerland for too long, I felt so alive when I was walking up and down on the narrow steep city streets, panting; when I was hearing dozens of seagulls sing (or rather scream) non-stop with their full power; when […]

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